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Become A Social Media Manager
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Become A Social Media Manager

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JVI Mobile isn't the only Social Media Marketing agency in the world. Thousands of companies are looking for social media experts. We only hire the best social media managers to take on our client's unique business challenges. 

By taking the JVI Mobile Social Media Management course, you will be well prepared to walk into any interview and get your dream social media management position. If you do really well, we might even hire you as our own social media managers are now required to take the course as well!

When you are finished with this course, you will know:

  • Why there is a major need for Social Media Management
  • Overview of A Social Media Manager
  • The 3 Main Services A Social Media Manager Provides
  • Pricing Your Social Media Services
  • How To Outsource Your Social Media Tasks
  • Growing Your Social Media Business
  • Attributes Of Highly Successful Social Media Managers
  • Essential Tools For Social Media Managers

This will help you whether you are managing your own company's online presence, working for a social media marketing agency or digital marketing firm like JVI Mobile, or starting your own agency.

We also provide a companion course which focuses more on the specific social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!

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